Aware Festival

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2020 was a special year. Not only for the event industry. But also and above all for them. Special concepts and extraordinary efforts were needed to make events possible. From dates with authorities to dance floor structures that conform to the distance to disinfection stations. One event that translated these and other considerations into a concept was the Aware Festival organized by the Better Life GmbH.

The festival, which was held at Werneuchen Airport from August 21 to 23, saw itself as a conscious gathering and exchange of like-minded people. Not only through language, but also through music, art, performance and cuisine.

The festival was opened by panels in which representatives from politics –
– Christian Goiny MdA (CDU), Caren Lay MdB (DIE LINKE), Georg Koessler MdA (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN) – culture and the media spoke about the future of the event industry and about topics such as anti-racism.

Afterwards it was all about the music. In addition to international stars such as Âme, Jennifer Cardini, Gerd Janson, Anja Schneider, DJ Tennis, Ruede Hagelstein and the Adana Twins, there also were some well-known faces of the Berlin scene, such as Pauli Pocket, Sarah Wild, Sarah Kreis and Caleesi.

Also, a series of workshops - from yoga to meditation and various art forms. In addition, a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes.







Werneuchen Airport Guests: 800


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System, Branding, Booking, Planning Application, Security Concept,
Admittance Management, Gastronomy, Hygiene Concept

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