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In 2013 a new family member is born: the label Musica Autonomica. The first release is The Lost Originals by Munich’s electronic music veteran Christian Prommer, who has been touring through the electronic jungle since the 90s. The release is being celebrated in the Kong club.

The second release marks the breakthrough of two young producers: Matthias Schüll and Matthias Dräxler aka BAAL. The Groove wrote:

“Both Space-Disco-Tracks sounds as if the Modern-Classic-Label ECM were testing the genre: clean, acoustic, symphonic, space-consuming. The unexpected, slightly esoteric pathos of these parts seem so extreme because they unfold in an entirely sober basis. Schüll and Dräxker do not care about the analog-synthesizer-fetish of Lindstrøm or Prins Thomas Schnuppe.“

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But that was not the only discovery. Musica Autonomica is the first label to release the duo Innellea (Daniel Winckler and Mattias Miethig). In 2017 the Groove magazine votes them newcomers of the year. And at the latest since their Fusion set in 2018 they have vaulted themselves in the international league of top DJs.

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