N26 Spring Party

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In comparison to the Silicon Valley, German Unicorn-Companies are rather rare. A Unicorn is a Tech-Start-Up that has reached a business valuation of at least one billion US-Dollars before its flotation or exit. The mobile bank N26 reached this goal in early 2019: a cause for celebration. For the event Better Life GmbH was assigned with the conception, organization and realization.

For the Spring Party, the Wilhelm Hallen in Berlin – an abandoned warehouse –came to life for one night. At the entrance all employees were welcomed with a personalized unicorn. Once they set foot in the building itself, a diverse scenery – somewhere between an oriental oasis and rough industrial charm – awaited them: steel beams meet Moroccan tents and palm trees meet club feeling. Well, nothing is impossible for unicorns. All the event’s structures are custom-made: the stage and bars as well as the light installations and branding. All this rounded off by the finest gastronomy and an exclusive music program.



Company party  




Wilhelm Hallen - former Eisengießerei Winkelhoff, Berlin




Conception, Organization, Stage Design, Light Design, Sound System, Branding, Booking, Planning Application, Security Concept, Admittance Management, Gastronomy


Party, Event, B2B

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