Rave Autonomica

Rave Autonomica Open Air | Tiblisi, Georgia 2014 | 2000 Guests


Since it is really hard to find the right locations for big raves, Rave Autonomica is a nomadic event. Many locations are too small or too close to neighbours. The solution: empty industrial buildings that are soon being demolished. And what better way to say goodbye to these buildings than with a techno party. The special thing about it: The location is only being communicated 24 hours before the event. Whenever possible, Autonomica invites the scene to its parties. Additionally to the industrial locations, Rave Autonomica was held in Munich’s Olympic Park in 2013 – as the first rave ever.

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Open Air Rave


2012 to 2017


Off-Locations, Olympic Park Munich, Kesselhaus Munich




Conception, Organization, Stage Design, Light Design, Sound System, Branding, Booking, Planning Application, Security Concept, Admittance Management, Gastronomy


Jägermeister, Philip Morris


B2C, Party

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Rave Autonomica Open Air | Olympiapark 2013, Munich | 5000 Guests

Rave Autonomica Open Air | Kesselhaus 2013, Munich | 4000 Guests

Rave Autonomica Open Air | Optimol Werke 2012, Munich | 3000 Guests

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